Whipsy Whipped Cream Hazy Hazelnut

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  • Whipsy Whipped Cream Hazy Hazelnut
  • Whipsy Whipped Cream Hazy Hazelnut


13.5% ALC
Size: 375ML
Whipsy is simply the best alcohol infused whipped cream! Blended with wine to 27 Proof (13.5% alcohol by volume), Whipsy is dispensed like regular aerosol topping. Whipsy adds its own kick of alcohol and enhances desserts and cocktails! Whipsy flavors were selected to be versatile and work with virtually any recipe.

Can be enjoyed frozen like ice cream Don't freeze the can, but dispense the Whipsy into small party cups and freeze the cups. Freeze up to 2 days for maximum firmness.

Enjoy the Ooh-La-La Original anywhere a cocktail or dessert recipe calls for whipped cream. Hazey Hazelnut is a coffee drinker's dream; put Hazey Hazelnut on coffee drinks, fresh fruit, and pies for an out of this world experience. Chocolate fans have crowned Loco Cocoa the pinnacle of flavors and enjoy it with ice cream, hot cocoa, and straight from the can!

Whipsy has a 9 month shelf life and does not require refrigeration before or after dispensing. You can refrigerate Whipsy if you enjoy cool whip cream. Dispenses 28 1oz shots. THE BEST WHIPPING YOU'LL EVER GET - GUARANTEED!

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