Wild Common

Wild Common Tequila Blanco

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Wild Common Tequila Blanco is a bright and crisp un-aged tequila that is packed with agave sweetness and laced with anise, cloves, cinnamon and mellow white pepper.  Followed by mandarin-lime citrus and flinty minerals, this approachable blanco is made from 100% Blue Weber agave and verified additive free.

Cultivated in the red volcanic soil of the Jalisco valley region, this blanco is made in El Arenal, Jalisco by Master Distiller Salvador Rosales Trejo - aka "Chava" by friends and family.

Roasted: 72 hours in small brck ovens

Extraction: stone tahona and roller mill

Fermentation: natural with agave fibers

Distillation: 2x in small pots, stainless and copper

42% alc


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2 Reviews

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    As good as it gets

    Posted by Andy Bardon on May 18th 2022

    Fantastic Tequila Blanco! -Nose: Bright citrus, agave, wet cement - like the first drops of rain in the summer. Valley minerality reflective of the region. -Taste: long warm ramp of flavors, starting with green fruits - apples & citrus, then peaking with crisp pop of ripe cooked agave before fading into some fresh cut herbs. Summer honeydew melon. Bit of anise, but well balanced. Nothing sour here. -Finish: warm and long - the agave notes linger! -Mouthfeel: oily and viscous. Hangs on the inside of the glass. Little filtration & a natural product. This is tequila not to be missed. Salud!

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    An honest Blanco

    Posted by Michael Quiroz on Apr 16th 2022

    crisp with a medium finish and very slight warming at the tail end. Very easy sipper really enjoyed this would have rated higher but its not exactly budget friendly. I expect to give this another go because it is enjoyable .

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