XiFeng Jiu FengXiangJingDian 375ml

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XiFeng Jiu FengXiangJingDian 375ml

52% Alc

Xi Feng Jiu is made with premium sorghums, wheat, barley and peas (the fermentation agents’ raw materials) with natural underground water from Shaanxi province. The solid state fermentation takes place in the mud pit at the temperature of 140F for one month and the distillation is repeated several times with the same batch and the added raw materials. The final base liquor’s ABV is as high as 65%. 
The base liquor will be placed in a huge container named “the sea of the liquor”, which is made out of rattan, cotton and hem paper, sealed with bee wax and rapeseed oil and dry out before used for aging. The special container “the sea of liquor” is the key to achieve the unique aroma and reach a more unique, balanced and harmonious taste of Fengxiang-aroma baijiu. It takes at least 3 years of aging before blending and bottling. In 1994, because of the unique styles and features, brewing process, and unique geographical environment of Xi Feng Jiu, Chinese state-level authority’s determined "Feng Xiang" aroma baijiu by using Xi Feng Jiu as a reference. Since then, Shaanxi Xifeng Liquor Group Co., Ltd. has become the benchmark of the national standard for Fengxiang-aroma baijiu.

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