Yeyo Tequila

Yeyo x Old Town Tequila Single Rum Cask Reposado Barrel No3

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Yeyo x Old Town Tequila Single Rum Cask Reposado Barrel is a limited edition single barrel pick.

Yéyo Tequila Single Barrel Reposado - Traditional Edition

Crafted with Precision, Aged to Perfection.

Experience the art of tequila-making with Yéyo Reposado, meticulously crafted by Master Distiller Sergio Cruz. Aged for up to 9 months, only select distillate barrels are chosen annually, ensuring exceptional quality.

Unique Heritage.

Our Traditional Edition barrels, previously holding single-barrel rum distilled from volcanic aquifer water and aged for five years, impart a distinctive character to our tequila.

Aroma and Flavor.

Enjoy an inviting aroma of fresh-cut agave, light fruit, and morning dew on a palm tree. The palate offers an incredible taste of wet agave with velvety smoothness, pure agave flavors, and a peppery tropical finish.

Limited Release: Only select barrels chosen each year.

Distinct Barrels: Aged in unique single-barrel rum casks.

Master Craftsmanship: Handpicked by Sergio Cruz.

Rich Flavor: A blend of agave, fruit, and tropical notes.

Barrel No3  a must have for tequila lover .



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