Amaro Alta Verde Assenzio Bitter Liqueur 750ml

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Amaro Alta Verde Assenzio Bitter Liqueur 750ml

Amaro Alta Verde's hallmark flavor was common ling ago throughout the Adriatic, though seldom found in the last half century. The principal ingredient is assenzio, a variety of wormwood. A complementary blend of alpine, herbs, citrus and spice frame and lighten the class bitter profile. True to its origins, the aromas evoke a summer forest in all its verdant splendor. Upon tasting, Alta Verde yields impressive length and complex bitterness, intertwined with gentle sweetness and bright herbal notes that give balance throughout the palate. 

Best enjoyed with citrus and soda or tonic, or just alone over ice with a big squeeze of lemon. In cocktails, Alta Verde adds depth and a drying effect to balance sweeter drinks. 

24% alc 

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