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Erstwhile Espadin Capon Mezcal Limited Edition

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Master Mezcalero: Juan Hernández Méndez

NOM: NOM-0496X

Agave Varietal: Espadin

Scientific Name: Agave angustifolia

Town / Municipality: Santiago Matatlán

State: Oaxaca

Fermentation: Natural, Open-Vat Fermentation in Wood

Still Type: Copper Alembic

Dates of Distillation: March 2015

Number of Liters in Distillation: 100

ABV: 44%

Tasting Notes: The elegant, voluptuous sweetness of Espadín piñas, picked at peak maturity, shines through from the get-go.

Erstwhile Mezcal's Espadín Capón, a 2018 Limited Edition, is a special distillation of only 100 liters. Made from homegrown Espadín piñas, grown and cared for with love and with pride, on master mezcalero Juan Hernández Méndez's own land. Piñas were harvested about 1.5 years after cutting the quiotes, and hand-picked at harvest for maximum maturity. Resting in glass since March 2015.

Try this distillation side by side with Erstwhile Mezcal's signature Espadin. It is the perfect showcase of how artisanal mezcal production is an art, not a science. That two mezcaleros, both distilling in copper stills and based only about 30 minutes apart in driving distance, can produce two excellent Espadín mezcals that are so remarkably and delightfully different.


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