Boneshaker Old Vine 2016 Zinfadel California

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Boneshaker Old Vine 2016 Zinfadel California 

California's magnetic call has always drawn visionaries, explorers and freedom seekers. Early on, the journey was never easy, often requiring months of boneshaking travel across unforgiving terrain. While the quest for gold may have driven these early pioneers, it was California's climate, resources and fertile soils that made it "home". Life was good, and those who endured worked the land to plant vineyards of hearty Zinfadel. Today, many of these old vine vineyards remain, producing California's bold, signature style Zinfadel.

Boneshaker celebrates those who aspire to bring dreams to life. Expressive and full bodied, this juicy Zinfadel has flavors of plum, boysenberry, dark chocolate, and hints of vanilla oak. Best paired with lasagna, BBQ ribs or your favorite pizza.

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