El Tinieblo Mezcal Anejo

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El Tinieblo Mezcal is produced on the ranch "El Tinieblo" in Jimenez, Tamaulipas since 1865. However, it was not until 1998 when Don Alfredo and son decided to rescue the craft tradition establishing the Museum / mezcal distillery in Victoria - Matamoros.


  • Product: Mezcal El Tinieblo AÑEJO 100% Agave
  • Bottle: Blowing Glass
  • Elaboration process: 100% handcrafted
  • Aged 1 year in used oak American barrels.
  • Excellent balance of wood and citrus flavors.

Tasting notes

A bodied mezcal, exquisite, persistant.

Source: El Tinieblo

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