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Hampden Estate Great House 2023

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Hampden Estate Great House 2023 750ml

Distilled in Jamaica, the "Great House (Distillery Edition 2023)" is a standout rum from the Hampden distillery. Crafted meticulously from molasses using a traditional pot still, this rum boasts an impressive 57% ABV, matching its strong, distinct taste. With a balancing act of fruity vibrancy, the dominant notes highlight tropical fruits like banana and pineapple with subtle undertones of spicy, rich ginger and clove. This rum's unique blend is praised for its long, bold finish and its deep, complex character that unfolds gradually and feels buttery on the palate. Exuding authenticity with every sip, it pays homage to its Jamaican roots. The "Great House (Distillery Edition 2023)" is a testament to the beauty of Jamaican rums; a truly remarkable blend that invites you to experience the essence of the Caribbean. Perfect for seasoned rum lovers, this rum is a must-have addition to any sophisticated collection.


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